"One hectare of soil can store enough water for 1000 people" - Tony Juniper

Champaqui Mountain

IMG_6485 smalllTogether with the Fundación de Actividades Biosphéricas (FAB) we are the custodians of  almost 1000 hectares Eco-Reserve on Champaquí mountain.  Champaquí is Argentina’s highest peak of the country’s central mountains in the Córdoba province; it is also one of the oldest mountains in the world.  Over the past 250 years Champaqui has been the victim of large scale cattle farming, which has degraded the land, increasing the frequency of forest fires, and left it nearly barren of clean water sources. Through our efforts the restoration process is now underway.


The work at Champaqui started in 2004 when one of the future founders of the Treenangle Foundation, Pablo Friedlander, started to acquire land (initially 29 ha of degraded land on the mountain’s peak) to test his hypothethis for regeneration.  Subsequently, Pablo brought together a group of  volunteers and local Gauchos to plant native trees at the historic sources of the rivers. They built fences and stone walls to protect the area from roaming cows.

In 2013 The Treeangle Foundation helped to purchase a further 330 ha to complete and fence around a protected zone of 500 Hectares via local agreements. Our work on this mountain has only just started. Our plan is to acquire more land when the opportunities arise. Proving the results will be critical, and the eco-reserve at Champaquí is the key location for this research.

In addition, we are considering building a pioneering Education and Research Center in Los Molles Village, at the footsteps of Champaqui, through the Integral Education Program Academia Biospherica.